Boat Maintenance

Proper maintenance is the key to enjoying your investment for many years to come.

Of course we perform regular oil changes, tune-ups and overhauls for almost all makes and models. But are you aware of how often these services should be performed and what items should be checked, replaced or maintained?

Here is the service you should be performing Yearly


Performing winterization service on your boat will save you hundreds of dollars in future repair bills! Plus, you will prolong your boat’s life, maintain the boat’s value and be sure your boat will be ready to go next season.

Winterization Service Includes:

  • Oil Change
  • Stabilizing the fuel that remains in the tank
  • Circulating the stabilizer throughout the fuel system
  • Fogging the cylinder (coats cylinder walls to prevent rust)
  • Draining all water from the engine to prevent any possibility of freezing fill with anti freeze protect from freezing and prevent corrosion
  • Disconnecting the Batteries (We do recom-mend that boat owners invest in a battery tender or minder, to prolong battery life)
Yearly Spring Service

We call this our “Spring Service” as that’s the most common time of year to have this service performed. It is really important to do a thorough job and most of this work is best done by an authorized service technician.

Yearly Spring Service Includes:

  • Impeller Change (for most inboard applications)
  • Clean the Fuel System (debris will have built up over the winter)
  • Maintain Battery Charge
  • Safety Inspection (bilge pumps, lights, blower motors)
Every 100 hours you should have a tune-up!

This is what should be done every 100 hours you put on your boat:

  • Flushing the out drive with fresh fluid
  • Remove and replace the impeller
  • Oil and filter change
  • Replace the water fuel separator
  • Replace the Fuel Filter
  • Remove and replace the spark plugs
  • Replace the cap, rotor and points as needed
  • Trailer Service