October 1, 2019


Performing winterization service on your boat will save you hundreds of dollars in future repair bills! Plus, you will prolong your boat’s life, maintain the boat’s value, and you will be sure your boat will be ready to go next season.

Winterization Service Includes:

  • Oil change and new filter
  • Stabilizing any remaining fuel in the tank
  • Circulating a stabilizing agent throughout the fuel system
  • Fogging the cylinders (coats the cylinder walls to prevent rust)
  • Draining all water from the engine to prevent any possibility of freezing, then filling the system with anti freeze to protect from freezing and prevent corrosion
  • Disconnecting the batteries (we do recommend that boat owners invest in a battery tender or minder to prolong battery life)

Yes, we know it might sound funny, but shrink wrapping your boat before storing it for the winter is a great idea

Here’s why:

  • Protects your boat from scratches while transporting and storing
  • Protects your boat from the elements if left stored outside
  • Will not chafe or damage covered boats
  • Our shrink-wrap covers can be ventilated to eliminate moisture and mildew problems. We also offer vapor corrosion inhibitors that keep moisture from corroding metal or electrical circuits